Supporting Breakthrough Environmental Research for Informed Choice

Environmental Working Group

Since its start, the Environmental Working Group has shined a spotlight on outdated legislation, harmful agricultural practices and industry loopholes that pose a risk to our health and the health of our environment. To deliver critical information to a broader audience, U.Group partnered with EWG to optimize their messaging through a redesigned Drupal website.


  • Advisory & Support Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • User Experience
  • Web Development
  • Website Design


With a wealth of content that was difficult to intuitively navigate, EWG was looking to modernize their website to better serve users and expand the organization’s impact. To support these goals, U.Group defined and developed a new site architecture, design visuals, and created a content strategy to improve EWG’s brand strength and showcase their offerings and research in an accessible way.


To create a more user-friendly, accessible site, U.Group began with an actionable roadmap to rethink the site’s architecture, designing it to better highlight EWG’s breadth of research, advocacy, and influence. Next, we streamlined several content tagging systems into a singular universal system and unified the backend experience to provide more control and a more intuitive Drupal 8 content management system. We also improved visual design to strengthen the brand and integrated brand messaging throughout the site. To surface information that lived in separate microsites and databases, we utilized federated search to direct search results from related sites and campaigns onto


The Environmental Working Group’s new website features a rejuvenated web design that highlights the organization’s resources and improves brand strength and authority while better serving users.