Fostering Innovation for the World’s Largest Business Partner

Department of Defense

With 3.2 million people on its payroll, the Department of Defense (DoD) is the biggest organization in the world, and it collaborates constantly with American small businesses to accomplish its primary objective: keeping you, and what you value, protected and free to thrive. U.Group strengthens DoD’s connection to those small businesses, taking a massively complex ecosystem and making it a model of how innovation can benefit citizens and the economy.


  • Advisory & Support Services
  • Analytics
  • Data Science & Management
  • Program Management
  • Software & Systems


There are an estimated 26.9 million small businesses in the United States. These businesses are some of the most innovative in the world, and the DoD is on a mission to connect and collaborate with this talent pool and everything it has to offer. To help them, the DoD engaged U.Group.


U.Group applied a combination of engineering, data science, program support, and domain expertise to help the DoD. In partnership with our clients, we’ve developed scalable outreach and training programs, measured and visualized the impact they’ve had on small business partners, and used that data to help the DoD make better decisions. A commitment to discovery and user experience has ensured the tools and systems we’ve designed and engineered are easy to use. Our subject-matter experts and program administration have helped to navigate this complex environment and keep things running smoothly 24/7.


It was easy to adopt the DoD’s mission—to expand their ecosystem of innovative small businesses—as our own. After all, it’s where we got our start. With support from U.Group, small businesses are primed to make a major impact on defense-related objectives at home and abroad.