Disrupting a Business Model with Data Science


New technologies impact your business in unprecedented ways. For the automotive industry, advancements in everything from customer engagement to data-driven strategies have transformed how work is conducted and how companies succeed. Byrider, a pre-owned auto dealership franchise, engaged U.Group to help modernize their internal processes to remain competitive in the industry.


  • Data Science & Management


Byrider needed a systems overhaul to jump-start their flat revenues. The company still used manual inventory management and immature forecasting models, and they needed a digital transformation partner to put them on a path to success. Not knowing where and how to leverage the latest technologies, they engaged U.Group to transform their operations from the inside out.


After extensive user research and review of internal processes, we presented Byrider with a plan for using their data to make the company more profitable—now and in the future. We then built a data platform that improved Byrider’s profitability by identifying supply chain anomalies, optimizing inventory management, and reducing acquisition costs.


Armed with the ability to use data to inform real-time decision making, Byrider has uncovered new strategic opportunities to get ahead. Most notably, they’ve used our platform to develop dynamic customer behavior and pricing strategies that leverage data to inform buying decisions at every level of the business. This initial phase of work alone has resulted in a multi-million dollar return on investment.