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Award Winner

Imagine you’ve joined a pioneering international development organization only to learn that the website isn’t accessible in many of the communities it’s trying to support. That’s just the problem Lighting Global and Lighting Africa faced as they pursued their mission of growing the off-grid solar market and providing energy access to the 1.2 billion people worldwide without grid electricity.


  • Strategic Planning
  • User Experience
  • Website Design

Awards & Recognition

  • W3 Awards
    Best in Show


Lighting Global and its country-based program, Lighting Africa, faced similar challenges of how to create beautiful, informative, easy to use websites that are accessible from anywhere in the world. With distinct geographic jurisdictions and complementary brands, the team needed two websites that accurately conveyed the relationship between the organizations, presented content in an intuitive, visually-pleasing way, and were mobile-responsive and quick to load in areas of varying internet speeds.


U.Group designed and developed two distinct websites that use photography, written content, and design to convey the real-life impact these programs have on people, communities, and industries. Starting with the belief that imagery is our universal language, U.Group used on-site photography to humanize the organizations and translated dense white papers into bold infographics that could be easily understood by a global audience. With accessibility top of mind, we used scalable vector graphics (SVGs) to decrease file size and ensure the sites were fast-loading and functional from anywhere in the world.


Two visually stunning websites that support the programs’ goal of catalyzing off-grid energy growth and are accessible to audiences worldwide. In fact, after partnering with U.Group, Lighting Africa users spent 54% more time on the redesigned website than in the year prior—highlighting just how important design and user experience are to audience engagement. Beyond the boon of newly engaged users, Lighting Africa was also recognized at the 2017 W3 Awards for digital excellence.