Changing How People Look at NASA and Earth

Award Winner

NASA Earth Applied Sciences


You know NASA explores the stars, but did you know they also study Earth in ways that affect your everyday life? From air quality readings to disaster relief efforts, the NASA Earth Applied Sciences program drives innovative and practical uses of satellite data to improve life on Earth. Together, U.Group and NASA are changing how people look at the work of this venerated agency—and how they look at Earth. 

Awards & Recognition

  • 2019 MarCom Awards


  • Advisory & Support Services
  • Branding
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Mixed Reality
  • Strategic Planning
  • User Experience
  • Website Design


The Program wanted help communicating the benefits of its mission and encouraging applications of Earth science data. From coordination to implementation, the team needed marketing and communications support, including a comprehensive marketing strategy, a new visual identity, a redesigned website, and communications training for the NASA team.


U.Group started with an in-depth discovery exercise to help put the Program’s highly technical work and complex needs in context. We found an opportunity to showcase the Program’s stories of real-world impact, and developed a communications strategy and campaigns—including the recently-launched Space For U.S.—around this finding. These insights informed creative materials that feature bold aesthetics, innovative content, digital experiences, and training for scientists around the country to bolster the Program’s ability to communicate more effectively.


Though much of our work is just getting underway, the Space for U.S. campaign has been a roaring success. Another of our communications launches—a digital PDF of NASA Earth’s new book Earth—has become the most downloaded document in the agency’s entire family of websites. More broadly, the depth of discovery findings and recommendations helped gain crucial buy-in and alignment among NASA stakeholders, unifying the team around a common vision for the Program’s communications.

Next up? A redesigned web presence that simplifies and streamlines the Program’s resources and that communicates the complex nature of its work with clarity and impact.