Building a Platform for Global Investment

When you start with a vision, you can accomplish anything. In this case, it was the vision and leadership of Ret. General Wesley Clark, along with an experienced team of finance professionals, to position their investment firm in a way that elevated the organization above its individuals, strengthened their mission, and helped them compete for talent and investments. It required a sophisticated brand experience and a powerful narrative.


  • Branding
  • Strategic Planning
  • User Experience
  • Website Design


General Clark’s investment group, previously known as UGR, had little presence in the market and did not have a formal story or communications structure. It relied on General Clark’s reputation and connections to gain traction. Even though that was effective in the early stages, it would not scale as the company looked to take on bigger challenges. Without clearly articulated positioning, and an inspiring narrative, the company’s ability to compete in a crowded field would be limited.


Through research and in-depth meetings with General Clark and leadership, U.Group worked closely with Enverra to articulate the vision and build a messaging platform around its key differentiators. It was essential to change the name from the generic acronym UGR, to a moniker that communicates the connection between investments in energy and a commitment to sustainability—Enverra. With a new name setting the stage, U.Group created collateral and communications presented in eye-catching contexts to show Enverra’s commitment to innovation and investing in global opportunity.


The power of Enverra’s new brand positioning and platform was felt immediately. Not only did the principals remark on how well it represented their vision, but the responses from associates, clients, and the market were tremendous. As a result, Enverra has increased their footprint and experienced greater success as a distinctive brand with an inspiring platform.