An Inspiring Brand for Leaders in the EdTech Space

Award Winner

Whether you do most of your learning these days in a classroom, lecture hall, or office, EVERFI provides scalable education technology solutions for knowledge-seekers like you. Thanks to U.Group, an experience with EVERFI now looks and feels powerful enough to match the impact made by this company’s deep commitment to educating your world.


  • Branding
  • Integrated Marketing

Awards & Recognition

  • American Advertising Awards, DC
  • AIGA 50 Competition Winner


Growing from an organization that offered financial literacy training, EVERFI needed a way to evolve from their origins as a “software as a service” (SaaS) company to their status as a multimillion dollar organization with the ability to create learning solutions on any subject matter, for any audience.


EVERFI needed a brand platform and aligned visuals to communicate the power of its technology, the reach of its partner network, and the team’s serious passion for education. After in-depth industry research and stakeholder interviews, U.Group accomplished just that by developing a messaging platform, revised logo, and striking new brand identity that differentiates the education innovator.  A massive departure from their old identity, the aesthetic U.Group developed brings the spirit of learning to life with a continuous sketch design evokes the limitless potential of education.


EVERFI’s brand has been lauded by audiences and recognized with multiple industry awards. Most significantly, weeks after launching the EVERFI brand, the company announced a $190 million dollar TPG/Rise Fund investment—one of the largest in DC tech history.