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Rock Creek Presented with TIVA-DC Peer Award

Rock Creek, along with Double R Productions, was recently presented with a TIVA-DC Peer Award for government video production under $25k for our collaborative work on the “Piecing Together PHMSA” video.

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side of Fear: #BeBrave with CHIEF Principals

Following the launch of a unified CHIEF team, we sat down with President and Co-Founder Margaret Johnson to learn more about what #BeBrave means to her. Now we’re catching up with more of CHIEF’s leadership team who, as you can imagine, have been quite busy with the launch of our new agency, opening our new headquarters and continuing partner engagements.

Stop, Drop and Code: The RCSM Coders’ Playlist

What does every coder have in common? A good set of headphones. No one is more conscious of the office distractions than Rock Creek’s coders. Concentration is key when rattling through lines and lines of code.

Rock Creek’s Favorite Sessions from UXPA 2013

User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) is an organization for user experience designers and the like. This year Rock Creek Strategic Marketing was one of the sponsors for the annual UXPA Conference that was held July 9-12th in Washington, D.C.