U.Group Launches Product Suite Designed to Support Digital Modernization

A move that positions the company to optimize its customers’ digital performance

U.Group, advanced technology and creative design company
U.Group, advanced technology and creative design company

Advanced technology and creative design company, U.Group, today announced the release of seven proprietary products centered on helping customers modernize their digital assets. This news comes weeks after legacy companies—government IT innovator, ByteCubed, and creative agency, CHIEF—combined under the new brand and market position.

“By bringing together our two firms’ complementary capabilities, we quickly realized we had something unique and very valuable to offer our customers,” said CEO Lena Trudeau. “Many of our clients face similar challenges. By strategically bundling key services into products that address common digital needs, we’re making it easy for people to find and deploy the right solutions. This shortens the time to value and frees up customers to focus on mission-critical objectives,” she added.

With this goal in mind, the U.Group Service Experience team developed these first seven products, detailed below. Spanning focus areas of user experience, content strategy, accessibility, and more, these products were specifically designed to help federal, commercial, and nonprofit customers keep up with the demands of a digital-first world.

These products are structured to ensure impact and value, while being flexible enough to meet customers’ unique needs. Senior Director of Service Experience, Russell Unger, stressed that “thanks to clearly defined timelines and scopes of work, U.Group customers, clients, and partners will know exactly what to expect from their commitment—and true to U.Group, they can count on the best.”

U.Group Products:

  • Usability Study – A mix of qualitative and quantitative feedback gathered by directly observing potential users interacting with a specific digital product.
  • Content Audit – The collection and review of all types of content that may be housed within a digital product that aims to inform a potential future content strategy.
  • Mobile Implementation – A quick implementation of a mobile design and implementation to allow a digital product to be viewable across mobile devices.
  • 508 Compliance Assessment – Detailed review of how a digital product complies with the requirements laid out in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act with a roadmap of remediation.
  • Process Mapping – Collaborative engagement that aims to document and assess major user and business processes that relate to a digital product.
  • Heuristic Evaluation – A series of expert reviews that assess the overall design and usability of a digital product using a set of industry best practices.
  • IDEA Act Assessment – A focused assessment that determines the level of compliance of a digital product with the requirements laid out in the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA).

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