U.Group Honored for Excellence in Design at the AIGA 50 Awards

Arlington,VA-  Digital transformation partner, U.Group, took home three awards at this year’s AIGA 50 Awards. AIGA 50 is the DC region’s premier design competition. The company was honored twice for its partnership with the National Law Enforcement Museum (NLEM) and once for a public safety campaign it created to support the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA’s) important mission. 

This year, the organizers asked participants to submit work that answered the question: “what is good design?” Excited by the opportunity to use U.Group’s creative work to answer such a foundational concept, the company submitted its most eye-catching and compelling creative work from the past year.  

Representing two customers with vastly different missions, objectives, audiences, and propensity for “thinking outside the box,” U.Group’s award-winning work demonstrates that good design can not only increase sales at a for-profit museum but also bolster awareness of a government agency’s critical safety message. And those are just two examples–there’s no limit to the impact good design can have.  

To learn more, take a look at the winner’s gallery herehere, and here—and browse some of the creative assets below.

Through the use of personification, U.Group helped PHMSA raise public awareness around the dangers of shipping common household items that are hazardous materials. Hazardous Matt is a friend who ventures alongside you to the post office and reminds you to CHECK THE BOX if you plan to ship something potentially flammable or explosive. 
The Crimes (Un)Cased experience offered museum-goers the chance to put their crime-solving skills to the test to win $25,000.
To help NLEM stand out from so many other museums in the city’s downtown area, U.Group developed a campaign spun-off from the popular True Crime genre, which they called True Law.

U.Group was proud to see its work honored alongside submissions from across the region and from all corners of the industry in celebration of what good design looks like. 

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