U.Group Celebrates Earth Day 2021

The official theme for EarthDay.org’s Earth Day 2021 is Restore Our Earth. This theme focuses on innovative thinking and emerging green technologies to expand current efforts around climate change, in hopes of restoring the world’s ecosystem.

At U.Group, we celebrate Earth Day and support those who help educate, advocate, and innovate sustainable solutions for a healthy planet. We understand the role that a green-Earth plays in supporting our livelihood and survival, and strive to show our commitment to the planet through our technology and human-centered design solutions. While many of our clients contribute to restoring our planet’s ecosystem, we wanted to share a few projects for which we are especially proud:

NASA Earth Applied Sciences

“Wait, NASA studies earth?”

While most people associate NASA with looking beyond Earth, the organization’s work encapsulates so much more. U.Group’s work with NASA’s Applied Sciences Program focuses on turning the public and private sector’s attention back to our own planet.

Our multi-disciplinary team uses human-centered design to showcase the extent of NASA’s work —from monitoring air quality after volcanic eruptions to understanding how Earth data helps make a more sustainable cup of coffee. We communicate the value and application of NASA’s Earth observations through crafting stories that bring together people of all backgrounds, to inspire and inform about the planet we call home.

One year ago, we completed a Platinum award-winning website redesign to unify program area sites under the Applied Sciences Program ‘brand,’ creating a more cohesive experience for their audiences. The new website adheres to 21st Century IDEA, a law that requires federal agencies provide better digital experiences for citizens by setting minimum standards for accessibility, user experience and security of government websites. This year over year results have been impressive, as site visitors from organic search grew by 480% and total site visitors grew by 1,280%.

U.Group partner NASA Earth Applied Sciences website

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Since its start, the Environmental Working Group has shined a spotlight on outdated legislation, harmful agricultural practices and industry loopholes that pose a risk to our health and the health of our environment. 

U.Group’s relationship with the Environmental Working Group began in 2014, with the development of the current EWG brand and positioning, which included early explorations of EWG Certified. We have since worked on numerous projects in support of EWG’s website and programs. Most recently, we partnered with EWG to redesign and launch an updated website to optimize their content, ultimately allowing for critical environmental information to reach a broader audience. We applied U.Group’s Discovery services and human-centered design to craft a new experience and migrate content in a Drupal 8 environment.

To mark this special day, we’re proud to have provided design and UX engagement for EWG’s 2021 Virtual Earth Day Celebration

National Park Foundation (NPF)

The National Park Foundation strives to preserve the parks you love to share their rich histories and protect them for the next generation. NPF and its partners utilize the power of technology and innovation to preserve natural and cultural resources in over 400 national parks for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of all.

As a longstanding digital partner of the National Park Foundation, U.Group understands the importance of preserving nature for a better future. In collaboration with NPF, U.Group has helped to strategize and develop the powerful park discovery platform; Find Your Park, created the Find Your Park Quiz, and designed their multiple award-winning website.

Throughout these engagements, the U.Group team delivers broad expertise for NPF’s digital transformation efforts, blending experience development and human-centered design with action-oriented communications strategy and creative design to achieve mission results.

U.Group partner the National Park Foundation website

As we celebrate Earth Day 2021, we applaud those helping to support the well-being of our planet. Our partnerships have allowed us to combine innovative thinking with human-centered design and technology to promote a healthier and safer Earth for all— and we look forward to continuing this work ahead.

Let’s continue to strive for a more sustainable future! Check out our solutions to see what’s possible. 

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