U.Group: ByteCubed & CHIEF Create New Brand and Market Position

U Group Graphic

New brand reinforces the company’s commitment to customer-centric innovation.

February 12th, 2019

Arlington, VA-  ByteCubed, a technology firm specializing in government IT innovation, and CHIEF, a DC-based full service digital agency, today announced the launch of U.Group, an Advanced Technology and Creative Design company committed to achieving client objectives. U.Group merges the two business operations and now offers comprehensive customer-centric technical solutions for the public and private sectors.

U.Group’s unique blend of a complex data analysis and technical expertise, together with investment in emerging technologies and world-class creative capabilities, magnifies the former ByteCubed team’s ability to meet the evolving needs of new and potential clients—a concept the company is deeply committed to. U.Group will continue to expand its customer-centric position in the commercial and government spaces, while extending its leading-edge position to grow new markets.

With extensive branding and communications capabilities, U.Group will continue to offer the creative and impactful solutions clients of CHIEF have come to expect, while leveraging newly integrated cutting-edge technology to provide even more effective solutions.

“What we’re bringing to market is revolutionary. We’ve combined complex capabilities to create something totally new, and you—our customers, clients, and partners—are at the center of that,” said CEO, Lena Trudeau. “By using research and analysis to develop a deeper understanding of your organization and environments, we’re creating custom technical and creative solutions that solve very specific needs.”

Founder and CIO, Ahmad Ishaq, added that “leadership took this opportunity to rethink not just our name, but our entire market position. We are proud to be ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry, and our new brand is a signal to the world that we put you first.”

“U.Group’s sharp new visual identity is representative of our forward-leaning, customer-centric brand values,” said CCO Chris Lester. “This notion is also reflected in our tagline and tone of voice. We use clear, concise language that speaks directly to our customers and potential customers. We want customers to know that in an ever-changing, complex landscape, U.Group will be the partners to make their goals possible.”

About U.Group

U.Group is an Advanced Technology and Creative Design company launched in 2019 after combining the data and domain expertise of ByteCubed with the world-class creative of CHIEF. Together under a new brand and market position, U.Group’s team of 280+ changemakers are using data science, engineering, and ingenuity to develop deep understanding of our clients’ most pressing challenges, and powerful solutions for confronting them. Working collaboratively out of offices in Arlington, VA, Washington, DC, Portland, OR, and in the heart of the action at client sites—U.Group is committed to using customer-centric innovation to create new opportunity in the public and private sectors. To learn more, visit www.U.group

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