Think You Know Design Thinking?

Think design decisions should be left to right-brain “creative types”? Think again. On Thursday, January 21st CHIEF welcomes renowned design researcher and published author Sarah Brooks to dispel the notion that there is a fundamental distinction between those deemed “creative” and those considered “analytical.”


As part of the 8th of installment of AIGA DC’s #DotGovDesign series, Sarah will share insights from her recently published book, Strategic Design Thinking: Innovation in Products, Services, Experiences and Beyond,which challenges readers to cultivate hybrid thinking and not get bogged down by silos of specialization. In her talk, Sarah will discuss using a lens of design thinking as a way to see the world, whether your background is design, finance, government or any discipline in between.

sarah brooks design

Using firsthand experiences and anecdotes from her journey from the startup scene of San Francisco to her White House fellowship, and now her role as Director of Insight & Design at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Sarah will share how design thinking has allowed her breakdown traditional team structures to achieve tremendous success.

So if you’re interested in the intersection of design thinking and the delivery of government services, come out to CHIEF next week to get in on the action. You’ll join a spirited group of creative thinkers that aim to foster community and build recognition in a town that’s known more for congressional gridlock than creative aptitude. Help us advance a mission we care so deeply about by bringing your own unique insights and ideas for how to bring design thinking to the workplace, especially in the often change-averse government space. We’ve got our own ideas, but you’ll have to wait until next week to hear. Register now.

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