The Times They Are A-Changin’

Much has changed in the last few years at RCSM. A lot has changed online too.

Where We Are

RCSM is now 60+ employees strong with full in-house web development, Accessibility and UX teams—not to mention our growth in the areas social media management and marketing campaign development. And there’s our program-level federal contracts from FTC’s website re-build to FEMA’s outreach campaign. To say the least, it’s an exciting time.

In the online space we’ve seen the explosive adoption of mobile and tablet devices, prioritization of social media as a first tier outreach channel and continued focus on performance-based marketing. And, even though it has taken awhile to get here, the acknowledgement that building communications to web accessibility standards is now not just a niche required for the federal government with the need for Section 508 compliance, but also a best practice that makes the web better for everyone.

Where We’re Going

Given these dynamic changes, in and outside of RCSM, we have known for some time that our website needs to re-habilitated. And not a new coat of paint, but a complete gut job. And we are on our way, in the next month or so you’ll see a completely re-imagined and redesigned RCSM website. An accessible website, that will better mirror the new RCSM—and be fully available to all visitors, including those who view the site from mobile and tablet devices.

Stay tuned for updates on the new Rock Creek website. We may even share a sneak peak of the site before it’s launched!

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