Launched: Lighting Global and Lighting Africa

CHIEF is excited to announce the launch of the new Lighting Africa and Lighting Global websites. These innovative programs are the World Bank Group’s answer to supporting the growth of the off-grid solar market as a means of increasing energy access to the 1.2 billion people worldwide without grid electricity. The programs support market development by working with private companies and mobilizing private sector investment through market intelligence, quality assurance, business support services and consumer education. To date,  more than 100 million people have benefited from program-verified solar lighting products, and more than 29 million people have had their basic (Tier 1) lighting needs met.OPEN CONFIGURATION OPTIONS

Lighting Africa website before CHIEF redesign

Lighting Africa website before CHIEF redesign 

But programs so innovative needed websites that reflected the important work they’re doing. With this in mind, CHIEF designed and developed two distinct websites that accurately convey the real-life impact these programs have on people, communities and industries—but also their inter-relatedness and impact worldwide.

Lead Designer, Steve Fultz, had this to say about the project:

“The yellow diagonal stripe used throughout introduces the concept of light illuminating the people, and bring the product into the foreground. Front and center are the people whose lives are affected by the programs’ work.”

Lighting Africa hero

“On-location photos give the site authenticity, and are key to site visitors engaging with content and making a personal connection with the work being carried out in these regions. We were careful to strike the right balance of hero images of people and of products in-use, choosing only those with enough background detail to avoid being extremely dark.”

Lighting Global site design

“Additionally, in place of dense fact-sheets and white-papers CHIEF extracted key information to create bold, yet easy-to read infographics using their black and yellow brand colors. While, the Lighting Global and Lighting Africa designs do share the same color palette and typography, the Lighting Global website features an expanded palette as a subtle yet important way to differentiate the two organizations.”

“We took the Lighting Global/Africa established brand identity, but might it brighter and bolder by using emotive hero images, color block infographics and diagonal designs.”

Lighting Global Africa icons

Throughout the entire design process we made sure to keep Lighting Global/Africa’s audience needs in mind. We made sure to use scalable vector graphics (SVG) to decrease file size and increase page load time on both websites. This not only makes for a more satisfying and streamlined user experience here in the States, but was especially important to audiences located in areas with varying internet speeds. After all, what good is a beautiful website if the people who need to access it… can’t? CHIEF is so proud to have worked with a client of this caliber, and to have partnered to create two wow-worthy websites that not only look stunning but satisfy their organizational objectives.

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