Introducing “What Do U Think?” Video Series

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a gaping hole in a very important aspect of life at U.Group: impromptu discussion and face-to-face conversation. Not only that, but our team was a mainstay on the industry event circuit—traveling to conferences all over the region and globe to share insights and innovations in the digital transformation space. Needless to say, those both came to a screeching halt in March. 

To fill the gap, our team has launched a new video series called “What Do U Think?” that combines the spirit of casual conversation with more formal event-style panel deliberations. Each month, we’ll tap experts from across the company to join us for a half-hour Zoom catch-up. We’ll give folks a general topic of discussion and let the conversation flow from there!  

This month we’re talking digital transformation and a recent data + augmented reality tech challenge that U.Group participated in. Watch the video below to hear what the team has to say—and stay tuned as we tackle issues related to government innovation, marketing automation, women in tech, and more!

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