Human-Centered Digital Strategy for IDEA Act Compliance

It’s no surprise the IDEA Act was on the tip of every tongue at Drupal GovCon this year. Six months after the act was signed, federal agencies want to know: How can I stay compliant? U.Group has answers. 

What is the IDEA Act? 

The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) is the most muscular mandate yet to make the federal government’s digital services more human-centered and data-driven. In short, any new or redesigned public service must be designed around user needs. Importantly, agencies must use qualitative and quantitative data “to determine user goals, needs and behaviors, and continually test… to ensure that user needs are addressed.” 

That’s a powerful proclamation, with implications that reverberate across every agency— from the CIO’s office to the public affairs shop. 

How can you stay compliant? 

Fortunately for guests at our GovCon 2019 session, A Better IDEA: User-First for Federal Agencies, U.Group was built on the same premise: Human-centered, data-driven customer experience (CX) is just good design. It’s also good government. We’ve been tackling these challenges for years, working with agencies large and small to align CX with user needs and agency objectives. 

Take our partnership with the Federal Trade Commission, for example. 

For years, we’ve worked together to make the FTC’s digital services more user-friendly and effective. Recently, we seized the opportunity to take things one step further. We partnered on an in-depth, agency-wide discovery exercise that put the full power of our strategy, user experience (UX), technology, and creative capabilities at the FTC’s fingertips. 

Through an agile, collaborative research effort, we assessed the Commission’s websites and processes and identified opportunities to enhance the experience. The result was a data-driven digital strategy for a reimagined web presence that better serves users, meets agency objectives — and complies with the IDEA Act’s mandates. 

As my colleagues Clay MarshallJabali Williams and I shared at GovCon, the U.Group approach to digital strategy is built to scale. We’ve delivered results for federal clients of all shapes and sizes — for another example, check out our digital strategic planning for the National Park Foundation

What can U.Group do for you? 

For one thing, we can go all-in on integrated discovery and strategic planning. 

First, our stakeholder engagement activities could include strategic intake sessions, one-on-one interviews, in-person and remote workshops, and technical walkthroughs.

Quick tip:

Stakeholder engagement is about more than information gathering — it’s also an opportunity to win buy-in and identify champions. 

After we’ve developed a native understanding of your organization, your environment, and your goals and objectives, we’ll paint a fuller picture of your digital strengths and weaknesses with qualitative and quantitative research exercises like analytics baselines, UX heuristics evaluations, content and SEO audits, and competitive analysis. 

Finally, we’ll validate what we’ve uncovered with real in-person and remote user research. We’re experts at drawing insights from focus groups, surveys, and task-based user testing. We’ll synthesize what it all means for you with an action plan that lets you hit the ground running. 

Or, pick and choose the right services for you from our à la carte digital modernization product suite. From 508 compliance assessments to usability studies, our experienced consultants will target your pain points and tackle your toughest challenges with activities tailored just for you. We can even execute a custom IDEA Act Assessment to identify your unique compliance needs. 

Curious what the IDEA Act means for you? Get in touch and find out how U.Group can help. 

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