Good Talent Doesn’t Have to be Hard to Find (or Interview)

We’ve been doing a good bit of hiring at CHIEF recently—especially on the strategy team. The associated volume of interviewing has provided a great opportunity to refine our process. Read on for some hiring habits that have helped ensure we pick the right person for the job:

CHIEF careers interview

Start with a phone screen(s): All applicants to CHIEF start with a preliminary phone screen to make sure a few fundamental boxes are checked. On the strategy team, we then conduct a strategy-specific phone screen that helps us decide if we want to bring the person in for a full in-person interview. A phone screen not only allows us to get to know the applicant’s skills and interests, but also allows the applicant to learn more about CHIEF.

Plot your course, but be willing to take a detourDeveloping a list of questions, tailored to the specific position, ensures that we don’t forget anything essential during the phone screen or interview. At the same time, the applicant’s responses often raise additional questions that we want to ask about. Following the instinct to probe further has yielded some great conversations and insights!

Tag-team your questions: Conducting multiple interviews allows several team members to meet the applicant and offer feedback. It also allows us to see how the applicant performs on different days, with different people. Also incredibly valuable is the opportunity an interview series provides for follow-up questions. It’s impossible to ask every question during an interview, but areas that may require follow-up can be referred to a subsequent interviewer who can delve more deeply.

Check references: Before we make someone an offer, we give their references a call. Usually we get positive feedback and reinforcement that we’ve made a great choice—but even in the most glowing cases, by asking about potential growth areas, we can get a sense of what the future-new-hire might need to work on (everyone has growth areas!). It’s always good to have a final check with people who have worked with the applicant and can speak from first-hand experience.

We’ve had some exceptional talent join our team recently, and hopefully the tips above will help you likewise find the right people for your open positions. Or better yet, maybe you’re ready to experience our interview process first-hand. If so, hop on over to the Careers page and submit your resume!

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