Experience at U.Group is Focused on One Thing. You.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a company or government agency—whether you realize it or not, you’re in the experience business. The opportunity to solve your most pressing challenges by mapping and redesigning experiences to better engage and support the people you serve is tremendous.

Every interaction—whether using a digital interface, experiencing a physical setting, speaking with a representative, or consuming media—contributes to your perception or satisfaction. Successful experiences are much more than static messages or products, they’re the attention to detail and relationship building that seamlessly connects you to a positive outcome.

Your experience has power

Your experience matters—and not just to you, but to those who want to engage with you. Mass market communications are giving way to personalization and connection, requiring a more transparent approach to earning your loyalty and trust. Organizations that invest in getting to know you and applying your feedback to continuously improve will set the standard.

Experience is what you feel

“Experience” is everything we interact with as humans. Our experiences shape our feelings, which in turn influence our preferences and decisions. Shifting from a world of independent transactions to one of cohesive systems requires a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing the more complex needs of modern society.

Positive experiences enhance value

How much more would you be willing to pay for a positive experience? Take an online purchase for example. If the brand is engaging, the process of ordering easy, peer reviews are available, and meaningful recommendations presented, how much would that override a lower priced, unsophisticated shopping experience? I’d venture to guess a lot.

Amazon has been proving this for years. They understand that their real business is selling experiences, not products. They have plenty of competitors who sell the same products for less. It’s the Amazon experience that sets them apart.

The Renwick Gallery’s Wonder exhibit.

Your experience changes everything

The effect of experience goes way beyond retail. The Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC was known for somber rooms of traditionally framed artwork until they completely rethought their experience with a show called Wonder. After a two-year building renovation, they reopened with an unexpected and imaginative exhibit of visionary, large-scale installations that completely transformed the traditional space and powerfully engaged everyone who entered. The previously sleepy gallery became a social media darling and talk of the town—lines stretched into the distance and attendance records hit numbers that previously seemed impossible. By not letting their history or preconceptions limit them and focusing on inspiring every person who entered, the Renwick reshaped perceptions and completely changed their trajectory.

Your experience puts you in the action

Augmented and mixed reality are powerful tools for delivering lifelike simulations that blend digital content with the physical world. The possibilities for using these technologies for training—from virtual operating rooms and airplane cockpits to battle zones and professional sports arenas—are endless. The ability to gain access to realistic scenarios is dramatically changing the effectiveness of training. With advanced headsets and haptic suits that simulate physical experiences, there’s no limit to how realistic or complex these scenarios can be.

The Baltimore Ravens use immersive experience technology to help them practice their playbook, which players historically struggled to commit to memory. U.Group worked with the Ravens to develop a mixed reality experience where players wear a HoloLens® headset to run plays against holographic defenders. By giving them the ability to experience plays before they happen and practice on their own, play adoption and skill development is radically advancing performance on the field.

The experience is for you

If you ask me where I work, I’ll answer: “I work for you.” It’s a pun on our name, U.Group, but more importantly, it reflects a deeper commitment to the most important aspect of our work.

You’re one of us

Experience at U.Group doesn’t happen without you. Our research, strategy, UX, design, and testing, along with data science and technology, all begin by focusing on your perspectives and needs. We walk in your shoes every step of the way. Whether we’re building products, reimagining brands, designing services, or revolutionizing training, your experience is at the foundation of our strategy and design.

We carefully chart every interaction that contributes to your experience, mapping your journey to better understand where we can have the greatest impact. We bring diverse viewpoints and expertise to developing hypotheses and testing them. We know that the more you’re reflected in the process, the better the outcome.

You’re the measure of success

In the end, your assessment of the experience is the measure. Your perspective is critical. We gather data from every interaction, whether direct feedback, analytics, or observations, to continuously adjust and refine so that the experience feels like it was created just for you.

We believe that through the process of connecting and adding meaning, we have the power to take on any challenge, and drive change at any scale. The key is to start by focusing on one thing. You.

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