Earth Day 2013: Rock Creek in Rock Creek

It’s a cool and sunny Saturday morning and Rock Creek-ers are slowly starting to gather in a Chevy Chase area of Rock Creek Park. Bright yellow and blue bags in hand, they wander through the woods and near the river to pick up trash and debris that pollutes the park.

In honor of Earth Day, we participated in the Rock Creek Conservancy’s 5th Annual Rock Creek Extreme Clean Up, a volunteer effort to make a difference and help restore Rock Creek to health, along with the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. Our cleanup was one of over 50 locations along the 33-mile stretch of Rock Creek.


After several hours of picking up trash, we reconvened to discuss our adventures and to tally up results.

collage of 5 pictures of Rock Creek employees picking up trash in the woods and near a stream

We collected six bags of trash and six bags of recycling, and found some interesting “treasures” along the way. Animal skulls, a Samurai Lego man, rusty car parts and colorful glass bottles were among the top finds.

collage of 3 photos with yellow and blue trash bags

A few snakes decided to make an appearance at the cleanup, but were quick to dive back into the creek after witnessing the alarmed reactions of the cleanup crew.

snake near a river

Rock Creek-ers enjoyed a beautiful Saturday morning spending time with coworkers while helping clean up a piece of Rock Creek Park.

group of Rock Creek employees

Rock Creek will be participating in several other community service activities in the following months. Stay tuned for the next event, and let us know what your organization did to celebrate Earth Day!

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