CHIEF Gets Platinum Award for Fonteva Brand

What sets great brands apart? A clear strategy, sense of purpose, powerful signals? CHIEF brought all of it into developing the Platinum Marcom Award winning brand for Fonteva, an enterprise software platform for community development and CRM.

MarCom Platinum Award Winner icon

With the drive to do nothing short of brilliant, we set out on the journey to achieve Platinum:

Guided by strategy
From start to finish, we stayed focused on the objectives. We saw an opportunity for Fonteva to stand out and own a leadership position in their market. We wanted the impression of their brand to proceed them, and help drive increased market share. We knew it had to be simple and create a powerful feeling, and wanted everyone who saw the brand to sense that something interesting and sophisticated was happening. It needed to be immediately recognizable–big, bright and optimistic—inherently motivating.

Fonteva Brand Building

Concept Exploration
The first step was exploring concepts that would support the strategy. Ideas around the concept of community took shape through writing and visualization. The concepts, “You Belong” and “You Power” came into focus, and served as organizing principles for our work. They were powerful signals of the value Fonteva brings to the communities that benefit from their products.

Building the Platform
A key challenge was creating a consistent structure for categorizing and presenting distinct products. Like many technology companies, Fonteva was marketing each of their products as a unique brand. Having so many distinct brands was creating confusion and contributing to a lack of awareness in the company as a whole. We changed this dynamic by organizing all of the products under the Fonteva brand, and creating a shared narrative to connect them. We wanted customers, no matter which product they used, to associate with the Fonteva brand, increasing visibility and the perception of value.

Fonteva Stationery

Creating the Right Signals
We presented two distinct brand approaches, each supporting the same positioning and strategy, but articulated in two completely unique ways. Both were bright and optimistic, but they had very different personalities.

As we presented concepts, the executives weren’t giving us much to go on, until we completed the first direction when the CTO broke the silence and said he loved it. He was sold on the first version, and pulled the others into the discussion, but then we presented the second version, he was even more blown away. Adding that he couldn’t imagine liking something more than the first version, but somehow we pulled it off. You could feel the excitement in the room.

Over the subsequent weeks we refined the strategy, messaging and the visual platform to get to the final result. We worked through details and explored variations, but ultimately the spirit of the second version stood, and is now resident in the finalized brand being implemented across the enterprise.

Fonteva Booth

Getting Results
Throughout the process we stuck to our strategy; go big, go bright, give it feeling and be confident. We wanted to bring the same optimism and energy that Fonteva brings to their work. We wanted it to come through instantly – we wanted to set them apart. It’s exciting to get the industry recognition, and see that others share the excitement.

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