CHIEF Acquired by Technology Leader ByteCubed: Ushering in a New Era of Bravery

Our next chapter begins. In case you have not heard the great news, CHIEF has officially joined the ByteCubed family.

By becoming part of ByteCubed, a leader in advanced analytics and technology, we will bring the force of creativity to the power of technology and move into a new league. Our sights have always been set high, and we’ve aspired to be the company visionary leaders and great organizations MUST work with by focusing on the most powerful and meaningful experiences. We have achieved great things and grown tremendously, but know that in order to hit the next level, we need an equally visionary partner and a bigger platform.

As CHIEF and ByteCubed combined, we’re positioned to create a new dynamic with the power to take on big, complicated, global and technical challenges. We’re merging cultures with complementary values, and combining our unique creative, strategic and technical capabilities. We are now positioned to go head-to-head with any competitor working in the government and private sector—and are a company built to thrive in environments where the solutions don’t exist until we create them.

This important next step in our journey has been informed by our rich history. Margaret and Scott Johnson started CHIEF 32 years ago, creating a company they could believe in. It changed many times as a result of their brilliant vision and intense bravery, but with every change, they never lost sight of what really mattered. Their willingness to take chances and believe in the people they surrounded themselves with was a superpower that propelled the company through the good times, as well as the difficult ones. Their vision was always focused on the future—never stuck in the moment, and it was up to all of us to keep up, and create something great out of it. They always wanted what was best for their team and the company, and still do. Bringing CHIEF together with ByteCubed is the next step in moving their vision forward.

We thank everyone over the years who has understood what this company stands for—those who have helped realize the vision, and done the hard work to move us forward. Our success has always been shared. And now, as we advance with new energy and a new context, our ability to leverage our strengths and create new opportunities will be multiplied exponentially with our new family at ByteCubed.

This may be the end of one era, but it’s the beginning of one that we’ve been working towards for a long time. And it will be ours to create. Together. BE BRAVE.

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