CHIEF: A Forward-Thinking Perspective 30 Years in the Making

A lot can happen in 30 years. Since 1987, CHIEF has grown from a two-person shop set up in a garage to a thriving bi-coastal agency of more than 120 employees. With a company journey that has shaped careers, created authentic partnerships and developed successful brands and head-turning campaigns, I can’t help but wonder—what’s next?

To get a fresh perspective on CHIEF’s future, I sat down with our COO Dave Rinaldo and CPO Anuj Vedak who provided me with insight from their time with the company and offered a peek into what they see happening for CHIEF in the next 30 years.

How is CHIEF going to have to change and evolve in the future to stay relevant?

Dave: We’ll do exactly what we’ve done for the past 30 years—embrace change, continue to be optimistic and aspirational, constantly pivot and reinvent ourselves and operate from a contextual standpoint. What will never change for us is the need to work smarter and faster.

What are the skills we will always need on our team to embrace this type of change?

Anuj: From an evergreen perspective, we will always want people who can write and can think strategically. But for us, the bigger thing is who you are as a person—we hire people with great potential and a positive mentality who are aligned with our vision.

Dave: We’ll always need people who can bring a level of contextual savvy to a project to create an engaging client experience. The people who look at projects as more than linear deliverables, the ones who create contextual experiences—those are the people who make our lives and our businesses better.

What part of CHIEF’s future are you most excited about?

Anuj: The fact that we’re working in a place where we’re liberated to do anything as long as its pushing our agency forward. We’re not beholden to shareholders, to a conglomerate or to a board—and that lets us go out and pursue our only charge, to do brilliant work for our clients.”

Dave: Honestly, the opportunity to continue doing what we’ve been doing—working collaboratively with clients to create authentic, engaging experiences through brilliant work.

When did you think, “Wow, we’ve really made it?”

Anuj: Never. I think one of the things we always think about is pushing forward to do what’s next. We continue to grow our team, add capabilities and look for new challenges. We might start getting bored if we think we’ve made it! But, that mentality does not keep me from appreciating our road to this point and being extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished. CHIEF is all about that hunger and drive that keeps pushing us forward!

Anuj and Dave hit on some consistent points about CHIEF: we’re a group of people with a relentless drive to create, a willingness to learn and adapt and a passion for what we do. From where I’m sitting, CHIEF’s future looks pretty bright. So here’s to you, CHIEF—30 never looked so good!

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