An Agile State of Mind

Agile is in demand these days, but it takes a firm commitment and lots of time to fully shift projects to an agile framework like scrum. Luckily, you don’t have to go full-on scrum to start reaping agile rewards. Cultivating an agile state of mind—and enjoying boosts in project success—can be as simple as incorporating some of the practices below:

Demo early and often. Don’t wait for a big reveal to show your work to clients. Solicit feedback as soon as feasible so you can adjust if needed without losing too much time.

Talk often. Set up short scrum meetings daily or three times a week to encourage collaboration among your team. Frequent meetings promote coordination across departments and keep momentum going. These don’t have to be a time suck—when done well, scrum meetings should be less than 15 minutes each.

Plan just in time. Keep plans high-level until you really need more detail. Two weeks in the future should be well thought out; six months down the road can be fuzzy.

Let the team call the shots. Trust your team to be brilliant and self motivated. Provide problem statements or brief descriptions of deliverables instead of functional requirements to encourage creativity and the best final product.

Peer review. Share quality assurance duties across the team by encouraging peer review. Give all team members the opportunity to review all deliverables before they go to the client.

Be transparent. Whenever possible, keep the team and client in the loop on all things project related. Problems often solve themselves when everyone knows what’s happening.

Reflect and commit to improve. Every so often, ask your team what’s working and what isn’t. Brainstorm ways to do things better, and then put your ideas into action!

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