Agile for Everyone

Agile… scrum…. iterative… If you work for a web design or digital agency, you’ve undoubtedly heard these words in staff meetings, during presentations and at industry events. In fact, we’ve written about the agile method many times before. But there’s still this notion that agile is only an asset for the dev team. In fact, the best part of working agile is that it makes for a happier, more harmonious cross-functional team and better final work product.  Here at CHIEF, we’re doing a series of all-agency trainings to encourage everyone to spend some time in “Agile-land,” and the reaction has been resoundingly positive. Here’s what we’ve heard so far about how everyone from coders to content strategists can benefit from using the agile approach:

A group of CHIEFers huddled in a scrum

Empowering teams: Team members can often solve problems themselves instead of looking for a project manager or technical manger to have all the answers. And no matter what official titles are on a team, everyone benefits from a group of people working together who feel powerful and valued.

Challenging each other: The best part about open team communication is that everyone gets a chance to be heard, and to disagree (politely) with each other. Playing devil’s advocate can result in out-of-the box thinking and innovative solutions to every challenge. 

Finishing faster: The team decides together what makes a part of the project “done” and when they want to open up their product to client, or internal, review. This means not only does everyone remain aware of exactly how their piece of the puzzle fits in to the larger goal, but they can get feedback when it will benefit them, and the product, the most.

Have you ever worked on a fully agile project? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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