4 Ways to Stay Creative and Inspired at Home During COVID-19

As many of us remain at home and isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more important than ever to have a creative outlet and a little inspiration. There are few better ways to stay engaged (and distracted from the news) than working on a project, learning something new, or just being inspired creatively.

Whether you’ve already got a side hustle you’d like to spend more time on, you’re looking to pick up a new skill, or just want to feel more connected with the world around you while you’re home, check out these four inspiration-boosting ideas to get you started.  

Create Art for a Cause 

Viral Art Project: The Viral Art Project extends an open invitation for designers, artists, and other creatives to submit a poster themed around the COVID-19 crisis that promotes messages of positivity and awareness. Poster submissions are free to download, print, and share. You can even purchase a print—profits will go towards the original artists and the Artist + Activist Relief Fund

Get Inspired by Art from Home

Virtual Museum ToursIf inspiration is in low supply, why not take a tour of some the world’s best museums from the comfort of your own home? Museums like MoMA, Cooper Hewitt, and even The Louvre, amongst others, are all offering virtual tours of their amazing collections.

Learn a New Skill

Pyramid Atlantic Art CenterLocal contemporary art center Pyramid Atlantic in Hyattsville, MD has a #PyramidAtHome initiative. They are offering  a way of staying creatively together while being physically apart. With free art demos of skills from etching to stamp printmaking, online workshops, and social media show and tell, there are plenty of ways to learn something new or trade inspiration with fellow local artists.  

Write it Out

The Isolation JournalsThis writing project sends out daily journaling prompts from inspiring writers, artists, musicians, and other unsung heroes. The Isolation Journals serve a dual purpose: in addition to helping spark some creativity and stay connected with one another, the prompts provide a starting point for getting your feelings out.

For me, it has been vastly important to stay engaged with my passion project and side hustle, No Plan Press, a letterpress and design studio based out of my home. I too wanted a creative outlet that would keep me in touch with the community, allow me to create original art, and give back at the same time. My Takoma Park Together series allowed me to do exactly that. This series of three original art prints gives 100% of profits to two small business grant programs that are negatively impacted during this crisis. 

How are you staying inspired from home? We’ve love to hear about it on Twitter.

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