30 for 30: What CHIEF Means to Us

To help celebrate our 30th, we caught up with 30 CHIEF-ers to get the scoop on what CHIEF is really all about. So what does CHIEF mean to the people who work (and play) here everyday? See for yourself:


Jennifer Grossberg

“CHIEF is an innovative creative company, with an amazing culture and team.”JenniferGrossberg, Administrative & Events Specialist

“Working at CHIEF is like walking through a never ending theme park—you never know what adventure you’re in for next.”—Tasha Freeman, Senior Media Planner/Buyer

“To me CHIEF means collaborating with creative people, whether that’s in the office or a karaoke bar.”—Michael Dance, Senior Developer

“Everyone I work with—my team and my clients—has each other’s back because we know we’re working toward something good together.”—Kaitlin Carpenter, Associate Director

“I describe CHIEF as the career of my dreams, the total package I have always searched for: empowering, intimate, stimulating, fun, fierce and every day holding a new adventure filled to the brim with opportunities.”—Abigail Bracy, Project Coordinator

“Being able to work with people that are excellent at what they do and working with clients and on projects whose missions I can get behind. I’m not making widgets.”—David Kief, Senior User Experience StrategistOPEN CONFIGURATION OPTIONS

Alex Blair

“A place to learn, get challenged, be on the cutting edge and create great work—all in a fun environment, with a great patio, lots of free food and super smart people.”Alex Blair, Marketing Strategist

“CHIEF means respecting and enjoying the people I work with on a daily basis.”—Courtney Pohlit, Associate Director

“CHIEF means community, collaboration and constant adaptation—all things that have made us stand out and stand the test of time!”—Mary Burke, Marketing Strategist

“CHIEF represents a tribe of some of the best minds in DC, brought together by a shared desire to achieve greatness, create change and because let’s be honest, happy hours are no fun to attend alone.”—Charlie Feinerman, Marketing Analyst

“To me, CHIEF means working with passionate people who really care about doing great work for our clients.”—Dina Rosenblatt, Designer

“It’s my team working equally as hard on brilliant client work as transforming my office into a magical north pole winter wonderland.”—Sally Moriarty, Digital Marketing StrategistOPEN CONFIGURATION OPTIONS

Greg Franks

“CHIEF means leading with a vision, harnessing industry-leading insight and technology to positively impact our clients and their constituents.”—Greg Franks, Web Analyst

“CHIEF means freedom from the fear of risk—if you are passionate about something and truly believe in it, you’ll be told “yes, do it.” That’s rare in the world of agencies, and especially in buttoned-up DC!”—Hilary Rocks, Senior Strategist

“To me, CHIEF is the place where I get to be creative and challenged while working with smart, talented and fun teams.”—Kate Henderson, Senior User Experience Strategist

“CHIEF to me is a team of incredibly passionate and talented people who take great pride in what we do and deliver cutting edge work to our clients.”—Steve Fultz, Associate Director

“A group of highly collaborative, creative and talented folks who take intense pride in the work they do.”—Alexis Findiesen, Senior Developer

“CHIEF recognizes that brilliant work is done when you are empowered to take risks and challenge the status quo. Working with and for great people isn’t half bad either.”—Emily Adams, Project ManagerOPEN CONFIGURATION OPTIONS

Hannah Kong

“Being able to work with the bravest people who never shy away from a challenge and always push you to be your very best!”—Hannah Kong, Project Manager

“CHIEF is about seeing what others don’t. Seeing potential, seeing challenges and seeing solutions.”—Marc Rambeau, Associate Director

“To paraphrase another writer of renown, CHIEF is the land of the talented, and the home of the brave.”—Justin McCarthy, Copywriter

“To me, CHIEF means challenging ourselves and our clients to take risks and grow—both as individuals and as an organization.”—Dana Schonberger, Project Coordinator

“CHIEF means using unbounded creativity to create new ways to inspire a purpose.”—Simonia Sharma, Project Coordinator

“Working at CHIEF means getting to work with smart, talented people who are always willing to lend a hand, teach you something new, or celebrate with a happy hour!”—Lindsay Zoeller, Senior Marketing StrategistOPEN CONFIGURATION OPTIONS

Julia Giokas

“CHIEF gives its team members the opportunity to learn, grow and challenge themselves every day—around every corner there are heartfelt laughs, great memories and the never-ending willingness to be the very best that we can.”—Julia Giokas, Project Manager

“To me, CHIEF means being brave enough to challenge expectation and finding unique ways to solve problems.”—Mason Plunkett, Art Director

“CHIEF is a place where everyone believes that a good idea can truly come from anywhere, and anyone; there is so much mutual respect and collaboration between everyone who works here.”—Alex Gordon, Senior Project Manager

“CHIEF is so much more than a company or an office—CHIEF is a diverse group of the brightest, most committed goal-driven individuals working hyper-collaboratively to do our best work for our valued partners.”—McRae Lenahan, Senior Project Manager

“CHIEF is audacious, collaborative, brilliant. We are full of the hands-down best people I know; people who dream big, confront challenges and change lives. It’s changed mine. Plus, Scott makes the best margaritas.”—Emily Gallt, Marketing Strategist

“Working at CHIEF means looking forward to Monday.”—Kendall Jackson, Designer

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