2016 Gift Guide for your Favorite Project Manager

It’s that time of year when gift guides begin flooding inboxes world over. From TechCrunch and Mashable to Goop and Oprah, everyone has ‘the ultimate’ gift for each person and personality. So don’t stress, we at CHIEF have curated the perfect list for the uber-organized, risk-averse, coffee-chugging project manager (PM) in your life.

1.     mophie(R) powerstation – From morning workout to happy hour and beyond, these mobile chargers will let your PM stay connected to respond to their clients’ every need. The mophie’s universal battery provides more than seven additional charges on smartphones, while three USB ports allows for charging of multiple devices—and all the while never missing a text, email OR HipChat!

2.     Blanket scarf – Most notably made famous by our resident wrap guru, Lenny Kravitz, the blanket scarf is the cornerstone of all PM wardrobes (on non-client-meeting days, of course). Courtesy of your nearest Free People or J.Crew, you can pick the fringe, flannel or fur best suited to your PM’s icebox climate du jour.

3.     Wireless headphones – Whether they’re walking + talking on a conference call or trying to balance their Starbucks, laptop and Moleskine, these headsets are a must-have for every PM on the go.

4.     ALL of the Dongles – USB, firestick, parallel port….it’s unclear who named these little dreamworkers, but you better believe that every PM will want their bag stocked with every type of adapter their clients have ever even hoped of using. Because nobody likes to put their MacBook in a corner.

5.     On demand drinks with Drizly – What better way to herd a clowder (yep, Google it) of cats than with cocktails? Using Drizly, your PM can order delivery drinks suited to every team member’s palette. Brainstorms are instantly more productive (and more fun!) with their Designer sipping his craft (ONLY CRAFT!) beer and their content strategist savoring her sauvignon blanc.

And with that, fini! Only 10 shopping days left to get on it and stuff those stockings!

Have ideas for gifts for every member of your team? Share with us in the comments below.

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