Ryan McLean

Associate Vice President, Engineering

Ryan McLean leads U.Group’s Indianapolis location, overseeing DevSecOps teams across multiple federal programs. Ryan is committed to improving each customer’s mission through responsive design propelled by grassroots user engagement. 

Ryan is an accomplished DevSecOps expert with both public and private sector experience. Before joining U.Group, Ryan spearheaded Raytheon’s DevOps culture, processes, and tool adoption. Through Raytheon’s DevOps Transformation Team, he also piloted new policies and processes and worked with U.S. Army and Special Operations customers to break down technical barriers. 

As a part-time Air Force Reservist, Ryan leads the first Air Force software factory, Corsair Ranch, which was built for military aircraft DevSecOps. Corsair Ranch pioneers continuous software delivery and engineering for Air Force weapon systems and engages with users, developers, and acquisition stakeholders. Before Corsair Ranch, Ryan successfully transitioned multiple advanced technologies to front-line overseas units at the Air Force Research Laboratory, embedding with global special operators to refine and deploy game-changing products. 

A Hoosier at heart and a Boilermaker by choice, Ryan holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Purdue University and an MS in Computer Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology.