Matt Dickson

Senior Account Manager

Matt Dickson works with U.Group customers to break down their most complex problems and customize solutions to resolve them.

Matt started his career at the country’s largest privately held staffing firm, where he was responsible for providing solutions to his clients’ hiring challenges, as well as assisting with business development. He built and expanded strong relationships with clients across four different industries and managed one of the company’s highest revenue-generating portfolios.

Later, Matt transitioned to a Fortune 100 company to help lead its largest recruiting-as-a-service operation that was responsible for hiring 2,000 people per year across all of North America. He reshaped the way his team and their client used technology creatively to identify talent and solve problems.

With a desire to immerse himself further at the intersection of technology and creativity, Matt joined U.Group as the Talent Acquisition Operations Lead. He helped design the processes and tools that changed the way U.Group delivers talent for federal and commercial clients before joining the Account Management Team.

Matt holds a BS in Marketing with a minor in Decision Sciences from Miami University.