Clay Marshall

Vice President, Experience Development

As U.Group Vice President, Experience Development, Clay Marshall connects the dots between technology and digital experience. Drawing upon his background in web development and fine arts, he challenges the team to create not just powerful platforms—but beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces. With a technical approach and an eye for aesthetics, Clay’s unique combination of skills is representative of U.Group’s promise to serve you— our customers, clients, and partners—with broad-ranging expertise and full-service capabilities.

After leading Technology at CHIEF for over two decades, Clay brings his deep management and technical expertise to his position at U.Group—empowering the team to deliver exceptional work through broader capabilities, scope, and influence. Combining a solid understanding of user experience with in-depth knowledge of design strategy and new trends in technology, Clay offers out-of-the-box solutions to technical and conceptual problems.

It’s Clay’s diverse personal and professional experiences that shaped his perspective on the importance of embracing innovative solutions when facing age-old challenges. From studying the Arts to working as a Graphic Designer at Nike, Clay understands that every technical challenge has a creative component.

Clay holds a BA in Fine Arts and Photography from the George Washington University.