Chris Lester

Chief Creative Officer

As Chief Creative Officer, Chris Lester leads creative and experiential initiatives at U.Group. He brings forward-thinking vision and energy to developing experiences that help you shape perceptions and drive powerful outcomes.

Driven by the potential of your business and your mission, Chris built his career as a visionary team leader and trusted advisor, shaping dynamics and creating opportunity for clients worldwide. Previously as a leader at CHIEF, Chris positioned the company as a premier brand and digital agency, and was instrumental in building the strategy of what is now U.Group.

Chris is known for driving unique strategies and flawless execution, serving as the principal architect of brand and experience development in partnerships with Disney, Newman’s Own Foundation, Sandals Resorts, Hilton, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, YWCA, and many more.

Throughout his career, Chris has been a much sought-after industry leader delivering lectures and keynotes on strategy and experience design at conferences and universities internationally. He is a frequent guest expert on local media and has been featured in numerous publications. Speaking engagements have taken Chris from the Middle East to South America to the Caribbean and beyond.

Chris currently serves on the board of Project Evident, a national organization that helps nonprofits build evidence to increase social impact, is an advisor to Virginia International University, and is a member of a congressional entrepreneurship council.

The drive to build transformative experiences that capture the imagination and inspire action is the essential force behind Chris’ work—and at U.Group there’s more opportunity than ever for that force to power your global impact.

Chris received his education at the Pratt Institute, NY, with a focus on design and brand that has influenced every aspect of his career.