Brooke Savage

Content Strategist

As a Content Strategist, Brooke Savage thinks content first. She starts with understanding the goals and challenges of the person behind the screen to determine what content is needed where, when, and why. Her belief that content should be treated as a living organism contributes to her support in overseeing governance strategies to evaluate and outline content life cycles.

Prior to joining U.Group, Brooke worked as a content manager. In this role she conducted content inventories and audits to gain helpful insights about the content and its users, which ranged from leveraging existing formats to identifying new opportunities to get the message across. She holds expertise in understanding the complexities of Content Management Systems and has collaborated closely with developers and UX designers. She also holds experience working as an account manager in ad technology, where she learned how to solve clients’ needs and challenges directly.

Brooke holds a BA in Global Studies from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.