Technology Scouting and Horizon Scanning Platform

Beyond3 Marketplace

Beyond3 Marketplace uses machine learning and predictive analytics to optimize how you unlock business intelligence and assess business opportunities, partnerships, and technologies. 


Beyond3 provides an alternative, streamlined approach to technology scouting and capability identification by aggregating global applied research and funding opportunities in one marketplace. Evolving out of U.Group’s work with Department of Defense, Research and Engineering, to understand inflection points in both defense and non-traditional related technology, Beyond3 takes acquisition innovation to the next level by helping government agencies determine which technology pools to prioritize based on their needs, predicted technology maturation, and trajectory. The solution delivers business management analysis and market intelligence using predictive machine learning and analytics algorithms.


  • Secure IL-ready environment via AWS GovCloud
  • Secure communication of data at rest and in transit
  • Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning built into the platform
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid deployment via COTS solution
  • Facilitates secure networking and socializing opportunities for business purposes between government and external stakeholders
  • Predictive scoring algorithm based on machine learning models that leverage over $17 trillion in venture investment, 120+ million patents, 14+ million companies, and trillions in federal spending
  • Delivers business risk assessment and management that employs U.Group’s deep bench of data scientists and full stack engineers
  • Connects buyers with qualified service and innovative technology asset providers

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Alexa, What is Natural Language Processing?

By Mike Pansky


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