Technology Research and Investment Platform


TRIP optimizes market research and capabilities assessment to bring acquisition innovation to your current processes.  


TRIP is a centralized platform that optimizes public sector market intelligence, business risk management, and consultation between government agencies and external partners. U.Group’s most recent cloud deployment of the TRIP platform, ATLAS, was developed for the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Our platform gave SOCOM access to our Discovery Services to better understand external innovators’ capabilities—helping the organization make informed decisions for mission needs throughout the acquisitions process.


  • Dynamic Scaling No-SQL DB
  • Secure communication of data at rest and in transit
  • Piloting UDP data to SOCOM  

Features & Benefits 

  • Combine technology surveillance, data enrichment, metrics, and user workflows to deliver true value for Business Risk Management and for use in Product and Program Management
  • Leverages U.Group Discovery services to build a foundation of research that creates technology solutions and tracks innovator profiles
  • Leverage technology “scout cards” to gain awareness of and compare capabilities
  • Combines Public Sector Market and Business Intelligence with technology Assessment Services that match user-developed criteria
  • Add new technology by scanning product sheets using the mobile app for on-demand Business Intelligence
  • Collaborate with internal users and external innovators, assigning platform access and functionality for improved Business Risk Management
  • Create, manage, and host technology-solution events with external innovators of interest in-platform

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Solve for Your Needs

Technology Scouting and Horizon Scanning Platform

A platform that uses machine learning and predictive analytics to optimize how you identify and assess opportunities, partnerships, and technologies.

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Foreign Investment Risk Assessment Tool

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Categorical Automated Semantic Search Engine

A spatial temporal visualization tool that fuses data to help you increase threat awareness, identify intelligence gaps, and maximize decision support.

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