Supply Chain Intelligence Platform


Combining  commercial and federal data, SCIP provides supply chain risk management that enables you to make data-driven decisions.


U.Group’s Supply Chain Intelligence Platform (SCIP) provides business intelligence on traditional and non-traditional defense suppliers and industries through timely aggregate information, data visualizations, and analysis. This distinctive supply chain analytics platform links multiple proprietary and federal data sources to safeguard industrial capabilities.


  • Common Access Card (CAC)-authenticated
  • AWS Authority to Operate (ATO) environment
  • Neo4j GraphDB leveraged

Features & Benefits 

  • Enables increased speed and efficiency at which analysis and decisions are made and communicated across Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Government
  • Identifies DoD suppliers, spend trends, changes in supply chain relationships, and MDAP customers and suppliers
  • Tracks mergers and acquisitions, private equity data streams, public company filings, investor presentations, and subsequent investment activity
  • Customizable portfolios of program sectors, company overview, contract and financial tearsheets, and company financial and contract data exports
  • Performs supplier risk analysis based on a proprietary risk scoring product
  • Uncovers network of interactions between prime and sub-prime contractors

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