Data as a Service (DaaS)

U Data Platform (UDP)

UDP is a data as a service (DaaS) platform that delivers synthesized and entity resolved data to help you draw insights and perform horizon scanning.


U Data Platform (UDP) is the foundation for all of U.Group’s custom software solutions. The DaaS product draws from a vast and ever-growing list of structured and unstructured data sources while remaining transparent, scalable, and secure. UDP’s data architecture stands apart from competing “black box” solutions by combining disparate data solutions and value-added components while providing critical data source transparency. This powerful platform employs proprietary data crawlers and data partners to deliver discernible and discrete data leveraging 75 million websites, 60 million IoT devices, and 10 million social media posts in 230 countries and in 115 languages. UDP delivers data without sacrificing flexibility and scale, enabling the use of a powerful API, business to user interface, or FTP export.


  • Data can be communicated via a simple, scalable, and secure API, human-centered graphical user interface, or flexible and cost-effective bulk export for horizon scanning
  • Consists of six data domains: entities, technologies, transactions, events, relationships, and communities

Features & Benefits 

  • Collects data by leveraging non-traditional supply chain data products, web crawlers, and scrapers which continuously rotate proxies, mask IP addresses, and “trusted relationships”
  • Uses minimal constraints on caches to create a “source of truth” that mirrors source data for transparency regarding web or database changes
  • Enables general purpose language to leverage foundational knowledge of consumption for data lakes
  • Facilitates novel methods to classify and align organizations at scale to U.Group’s data products
  • Provides data normalization from scalable input that aligns various data sources, structures, and insights
  • Utilizes human-in-the-loop machine learning process for risk identification and scoring
  • Access to enclaves of internal and external data science teams that build machine learning models which perform horizon scanning predictions of technology

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Solve for Your Needs

Data Transformation Platform

A data transformation tool that cleans, maps, and enriches data to make it more valuable for your needs.

DaaS Onboarding and Data Normalization Extension Audit

A tool that extends the benefits of U.Group’s proprietary DaaS platform, UDP, by helping you onboard datasets in a way that is simple, effective, and efficient.

Technology Scouting and Horizon Scanning Platform

A platform that uses machine learning and predictive analytics to optimize how you identify and assess opportunities, partnerships, and technologies. 

Case Management and Workflow Software

A case management system that streamlines your operations by combining the functionalities of email, file storage, and reporting to create a secure common workspace for multiple reviewers.

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