Categorical Automated Semantic Search Engine


CASSE is a spatial temporal visualization tool that fuses data to increase your threat awareness, identify intelligence gaps, and maximize decision support.


The CASSE platform performs data fusion in a geographical information system (GIS). By combining open-source intelligence (OSINT) like blog posts, CDC health reports, and U.S. Government suppliers with signals intelligence (SIGINT) like IoT device location and GIS mapping, CASSE turns complex data into a digestible situational awareness tool providing pattern-of-life analysis. The platform’s streaming architecture leverages link analysis gateways with a microservices approach to do event-based sketches for proven data science deployment. CASSE enables enhanced threat awareness, identification of intelligence gaps, data discovery, and decision support.


  • Cloud agnostic
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Custom visualization
  • Custom integration
  • Hybrid deployment

Features & Benefits

  • Future-proof new and novel datasets
  • Bring your own data (BYOD) client focused
  • Feed forward system for rapidly indexing and processing large datasets

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