Case Management and Workflow Software


The CASE management system streamlines your operations by combining the functionalities of email, file storage, and reporting to create a secure common workspace for multiple reviewers.


U.Group’s case management and workflow software, CASE, is a custom, easy-to-use platform for collaboration. Weekly reporting, email notifications, and deadline reminders automate workflows to realize efficiencies that leave more time for case review and risk analysis. Originally developed to support a critical Department of Defense mission, CASE can be used for classified or unclassified workflow and case management challenges.


  • Email notifications of new assignments
  • Weekly reports
  • Reminders for timelines and deadlines
  • Memoranda templates
  • Case tracking timeline

Features & Benefits

  • Simplified workflow and design
  • At-a-glance dashboard, active and archived case views
  • Case summary screens for risk analysis
  • Single source management of case information
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Management reporting and archived
    case history analysis

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