Augmented Reality and Immersive Training Platform


U.Group’s augmented reality and immersive training platform, UXR, allows you to quickly conceive and visualize training or operation scenarios in lifelike virtual environments.


UXR’s 3D technology creates simulations in both holographic augmented reality and immersive virtual reality. Scenarios can be rendered directly from custom protocols or sketches in content creation tools. The platform supports advanced tactical and athletic training, as well as a broad range of applications where visualization can greatly increase efficiency and performance. By connecting simple content creation tools that allow for rapid scenario planning with advanced hardware that leverages spatial data (e.g., HoloLens 2, Magic Leap One, and Oculus Quest), UXR delivers flexible solutions that increase knowledge, speed, and accuracy, driving competitive advantage and mission ROI.


  • Cloud enabled
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Scenario building tools
  • Custom integration
  • Custom deployment

Features & Benefits

  • Rapidly visualize full-scale virtual scenarios
  • Increase readiness and retention
  • Improve safety and reduce risk
  • Highly portable, stand-alone hardware
  • Reduce training and travel expenses

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