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You’ve probably noticed technology has trickled into all aspects of our lives. Is your organization riding the wave? From machine learning and AI, to systems engineering and software development, let us help you use technology’s power to its full potential. 

Innovation to Serve You.

Our advanced technology services go beyond developing websites. We automate complex systems and create custom platforms that free up your most important asset—your people.

Service Areas

Software Development

If you have a software need, U.Group can help. We’ll work with you to design, develop and maintain applications, frameworks, and other software components to keep your organization running at full-capacity.

Machine Learning / AI

You can improve your technology stack by optimizing machine to human communication. AI and Machine Learning make it so your products can pick up on the nuances of human language.


Enhance your organization’s ability to quickly deliver applications and services to customers with DevOps. Using a DevOps model to automate processes, your organization will be better positioned to serve customers and compete more effectively in the market.


If you need a centralized ledger that records data changes, blockchain may be your answer. Blockchain’s applications go beyond monetary transactions. You can use it to store data about property exchanges, medical records, supply chain risks, and more.


We know security is important to you. You can count on U.Group to provide technology solutions that allow you to scale and innovate, while meeting the requirements of the most risk-sensitive organizations.

System Engineering

Your organization is complex. Make operations more efficient by using systems engineering to design and manage disparate, and interconnected, systems over their lifecycles.

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