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Data to Inform Your Decisions.

Your data is more valuable than you know. Let us work with you to find patterns, predict outcomes, and improve processes. When there’s opportunity behind every data point—why not use yours to make better business decisions?

The Insights You Need.

Our team of data scientists, visualization experts, and engineers dive deep to analyze your data, design algorithms, and build platforms tailored to your needs. We’ll work with you to leverage the full power of your data, so you can use it to make insight-informed decisions in realtime.

Service Areas


Your data is more potent than you know. We can help you leverage it. U.Group works with you to create personalized, holistic, and mission-supportive strategies for seamlessly and intelligently incorporating your data into your enterprise.

Data Management

You have more data than you think. We can help you organize it. U.Group gives you tools and strategies for streamlining, systematizing, and managing your whole data ecosystem to give you an accurate, detailed, maintainable catalog of the data assets you own.

Algorithm Design

You have more tools than you expect. We can help you find them. U.Group gives you a complete set of data science tools to exploit your data's opportunities, from machine learning to regression, classification, clustering, convex optimization, neural networks, Bayesian inference, and more.

Data Science

Your data is unique. We can help you adapt the latest data science solutions to it. U.Group researches and applies the latest data science techniques to build you innovative models and algorithms that make your products more intuitive, more powerful, and more robust.


Your data is telling a story. We can help you read it. U.Group gives you analytic tools to help you identify, simplify, and amplify the key points, messages, and trends that your data is trying to tell you.

Predictive Modeling

Your data holds the keys to the future. We can help put you in the driver’s seat. U.Group allies your past knowledge with our cutting-edge predictive models to provide valuable, explainable, and actionable insight into what’s next.

Featured Data Work

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