Consulting Services

Finding Your Opportunity.

You can’t do it all. None of us can. Keep focused on your mission while tapping U.Group’s expertise where you need it most. Spanning tech, strategy, marketing, and operations—our consulting services will help you discover the opportunity you need to get ahead.

The Expertise You Need.

Whether it’s broad mission support, or limited scope engagements, we’ll strengthen, optimize, and level-up internal teams to help accomplish your strategic objectives. From program management and technical support, to domain expertise and advisory services—you can count on us to understand your challenges and chart a path forward for overcoming them.

Service Areas


Your business is complex. Let us work with you to understand its innerworkings, and create a plan for overcoming your greatest challenges.


You’re anticipating large-scale change. U.Group will see you through this transformation by developing the plans, processes, and frameworks needed to ensure success.

Advisory Services

You need ongoing support. Our experts can help advise you on what’s required to get your organization where it needs to go.

Domain Expertise

You know when to call the experts. With detailed knowledge of industry segments, business and operational dynamics, and specialized IT solutions— we can support your specific domain expertise needs.

Program Management

Your projects are intertwined. We’ll make sense of the moving pieces by managing related projects and ensuring program goals are achieved.

Support Services

You’ve identified a challenge. We’ll work with you to develop a plan of action for tackling it, and then support you through its successful implementation.

Featured Consulting Work

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