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Brooke Savage

As a Content Strategist, Brooke Savage thinks content first. She starts with understanding the goals and challenges of the person… Read More

A Case-Based Guide to Creating a Risk Framework

Staying ahead of risk is crucial for national security organizations, however it’s not always an easy task. Check out our recent business risk assessment consulting to learn how you can implement a risk management framework for complex national security issues.

Think Like a Content Strategist to Design Better Notifications

Push notifications are an everyday part of our lives with technology, but are they the best way to communicate with your users? Check out how to strategically use notifications to add value and build trust with your audiences.

Where Do Good UX and Visual Design Converge?

UX Design can help you communicate ideas effectively and better meet user’s needs. With Visual Design, you can transform a vision into reality and create a visually appealing user experience. Learn how to unite these disciplines to optimize user experiences and drive conversions.