GSA Schedules

GSA Schedules under CHIEF, a U.Group company

We offer a variety of contracting vehicles through which government agencies can easily do business with us. Please note our GSA Schedules can be found under Rock Creek Publishing Group Inc, dba CHIEF. CHIEF is a U.Group company.

Professional Services Schedules (PSS)

Consolidated Scheduled
Contract No.: GS00F169CA

Special Item Numbers

541-1 Advertising Services
541-2 Public Relations Services
541-3 Web Based Marketing Services
541-4A Market Research and Analysis 
541-4B Video/Film Production
541-4C Exhibit Design and Implementation Services
541-4D Conference, Events and Tradeshow Planning Services
541-4E Commercial Photography Services
541-4F Commercial Art and Graphic Design
541-4G Challenges and Competition Services
541-5 Integrated Marketing Services
874-1 Consultation Services

Schedule IT-70

General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software & Services
Contract No.: GS35F134GA

Special Item Numbers

132-51 Information Technology (IT) Professional Services