Technology That Works for You.

U.Group provides you not only outstanding technology solutions, but also user friendly interfaces and integrated marketing strategies—so you can do your job better. When we deliver leading edge data science and software, we also bring PhDs, MBAs, and economists who understand the business, regulatory, and policy environments in which you operate. We don’t just solve technical challenges, we work together with you to achieve your strategic goals.

The U Group office space

Advanced Data & Technology

You need a partner who has a deep understanding of both your organization and your business environment. We use data science and machine learning to get to the root of your challenges—and then our team of PhDs, computer scientists, and developers create cutting-edge technical solutions for overcoming them. With data to power our technology, we’re automating systems so that your most valuable asset—your people—are freed up to do work only they can do.

Creative and design industry awards

Visionary Creativity

Your organization is only as strong as your ability to engage audiences. Our award-winning strategic and creative teams use brand strategy, UX design, and digital marketing to create experiences that motivate your target audiences to take action.

A view looking up at the inside of the dome of the U.S. Capitol building

Cross-Sector Experience

You need a partner who sees the whole picture. Our combined capabilities and diverse client portfolio allow us to bring cross-sector insight to your organization’s challenges. With a multi-dimensional approach to problem-solving, we incorporate the analytical, technological, and motivational to remove blind spots in the way of achieving your strategic objectives.

Culture of Exploration

You can focus on your core business, while we pursue what’s next. By investing in early-stage technologies and recruiting leading experts across disciplines, our Lab approach allows clients, customers, and partners like you to stay on the forefront of the technological advancements affecting change—now and in the future.

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